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There are 3 kinds of listings allowed on ePLantae: 

How do Auctions work?

What is Snipping?

How do Products work?

What are Classifieds?

Buyer Protection

ePlantae helps its customers get the latest variety of plants and plant-related products with three kinds of buying options. If you're a plant lover and interested in buying high-quality plants and plant-related products for your plants, just register now on our website now, check our latest collection, and order today. Three kinds of listing ePlantae provide you with are: 

3 Kinds of listings: Auctions, Products, Classifieds

When you register yourself as a buyer on ePlantae, you get offered three kinds of listings, as stated above. Explained below is detailed information on how each listing works. Follow the process and order the products you love! 

How do Auctions work? 

Auctions enable buyers to bid on the items offered by various sellers. How long the can the auctions last? That is dependent on the sellers, ranging from a day, week, month, or more. The auction is controlled by the seller, i.e., he can make changes in the auction while it is live up until a certain point. He can’t change major details of the auction at the last minute. 

As a buyer, you can retract your bid up until 12 hours before the auction ends. But if you want to cancel the purchase from the auction, you can easily ask the seller for cancelation, but we suggest not doing that as that hurts the sellers and other buyers who would’ve won the auction had you not placed your bid. If it was an honest mistake, please do reach out to the seller but do your best to follow through on an auction if you placed a bid. 


You can see the bidding from other buyers. Sellers can choose to add a reserve price for a fee. The seller can decide the minimum price at which the auction will be successful; that price is hidden and cannot be seen by anyone except the seller himself. If the auction does not reach the reserved price, the auction winner won’t be upheld. Most sellers will want to sell so you can bid with confidence, situations, where the reserve price isn’t met, are quite rare. 


Some auctions have bidding rules: a minimum bid. The minimum is set by the seller, depending on the value of the product some sellers might want to encourage higher bids to move the auction along faster. For example, the bid amount set for a product by the seller is $5; in this case, if you wish to bid on that product, you cannot bid below $5.


Auctions are always full of excitement and also disappointments. Getting outbid at the last moment can be very frustrating. To create a more level playing field, ePlantae has a sniping feature available to sellers. Sellers can make the auction more interesting for their buyers. Expert bidders bid during the last 5-10 seconds of the auction, making it virtually impossible for other buyers to have a chance to win the auction. But if the sniping feature is enabled by the seller: anyone who places a bid in the last five minutes of the auction will activate the sniping feature which will extend the auction for another five minutes. Essentially the auction will go into overtime giving other bidders time to act and make the auction exciting until the action dies down and a clear winner is declared. This feature is at the discretion of the sellers, not every listing will have it on so pay attention when the timer is nearing the last few minutes. It is best to place a bid than to wait and miss the auction! Happy bidding!

How do Products work?

Products come simply at a fixed price. Different items are displayed with a fixed price and fixed quantity that you can purchase without any hassle. Just select the product you want to purchase, add it to the cart, and process the payment with ease. 

What are Classifieds?

If you are a local customer, you may use classifieds. A Classified is simply an advertisement that the seller wants to sell his product or services to the local buyers. For example, services related to gardening or exchange of plants locally and much more. ePlantae works as a platform to connect you to the sellers that offer goods or services related to plants and plant care locally without any hassle.

With a wide variety of classified, you can choose from various goods and services in different categories or on the homepage for yourself on a local level. Paying for the classified through ePLantae via PayPal is encouraged for the buyers. Paying through any other source or negotiating outside ePLantae like bank transfer or Western Union is against the policy. 

ePlantae protects its buyers from frauds and scams with its Buyer Protection Program. Please read our buyer protection commitment to you.