ePlantae Buyer Protection

ePlantae is a global commerce platform that aims to connect all plant lovers worldwide with their favorite plant species. Whether you are an individual plant lover, an organization, or nursery business, we have something for everyone. But it is not as simple as it sounds. Connecting such a vast community and protecting valuable buyers from scams and fraud is a tough job. But you don’t need to worry at all. Love for plants is not the only good thing about ePlantae; we also value our customers and have equipped all the necessary technologies to prevent them from any bad experience.

Preventing Fraud and Scams 

Our highest priority is to deliver our customers a seamless and secure selling and buying experience. And ePlantae is ready to do what all it takes to make things happen. Following is the list of primary areas we work upon to safeguard the interest of our customers and our business.   

Internet is not always a safe place when it comes to doing transactions online. That is why you should only use PayPal and do transactions on the platform. Never give your details in chats or to anyone from customer support. All payments should be done through PayPal which has a security system in place to keep your information confidential. 

ePlantae encourages its customers to contact our support team if anything seems shady or suspicious. We promise full cooperation with our customers, and this process will never require any sensitive/personal/irrelevant information from you. That is again why we only work with PayPal as they have done a fantastic job at keeping their users safe from fraud and scams. This platform can only be as safe as its users make it. Use common sense, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. 

Report fraudulent Transactions to us

If you are experiencing any fraudulent transactions from the user/seller from ePlantae, we request you to report such issues immediately. 

Contact us in case you come across any suspicious activity or doubt the legitimacy of any seller. We will take action on the information you will provide us after the investigation of the case to ensure no scam or fraud happens. You can approach us via our resolution center or contact us page for more general inquiries. 

Only Use PayPal and credit cards 

There is no exception about modes of payments at ePlantae. We only allow the use of PayPal and credit cards for secure transactions. Link your PayPal account or use PayPal to checkout and make secure payments easily. Every payment is processed through PayPal to keep you safe. Credit cards can be used through PayPal, we recommend using credit cards as banks will also have higher security standards for credit cards. 

Report any Seller trying to negotiate outside the platform / trying to use other Payment services outside PayPal like bank Transfer, Western Union

If any seller is trying to use other Payment methods outside PayPal like bank Transfer, Western Union, it should be reported immediately. Furthermore, negotiations outside the platform are also strictly prohibited and unlawful. If you face such circumstances, you are requested to contact ePlantae and report the information regarding negotiations. ePLantae, after investigating the case will strictly prohibit the seller from violating the policies of the website. 

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