How Can I Pay?

For the best experience for both Buyers and Sellers ePlantae currently only allow PayPal. If any buyer or seller asks you to use any other form of Payment, please report it to us. PayPal has an amazing track record and high security standards to protect both Sellers and Buyers. ePlantae is not in a position to verify every transaction therefore we are not responsible for what occurs during a transaction. To minimize fraud we recommend all users to process payments solely through Paypal until further notice. 


Can I return my items?

We encourage all our sellers to have a return/exchange policy. As ePlantae is a third party to all transactions, exchanges, returns, refunds have to be arranged between Buyer and Seller. We will of course do our best to help you resolve any issues you have. If a Seller repeatedly delivers a subpar experience we will also take disciplinary actions that can lead to the immediate deletion of account. 


My goods arrived damaged, can I claim a refund?

We encourage all Sellers to have a refund policy in place. ePlantae is a third party to all transactions, as such ePlantae will not issue any refunds. Refunds will have to be issued by the Sellers under the terms agreed to between Buyer and Seller. We will do our best to assist you in the process and to restrict Sellers that do not take responsibility for their sales. Please inform us of any troubles you are having if you cannot resolve them directly with the seller. That is also why we choose to work solely with PayPal as they will often put holds on new sellers to guarantee the safety of transactions. 


What are the selling fees?

We charge our seller two main types of selling fees: an insertion fee when you create a listing and the final value fee when your item sells. You get zero insertion fee for 250 listings every month, and after you've used them, they are non-refundable if your item doesn't sell. At the same time, the final value is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of sale. The more you sell the lower the fees. There are also additional fees for various settings sellers can activate for each listing such as: ”feature on the home page”. Every setting that costs extra will always be indicated.


Where do you ship to?

Shipping depends on the Seller. Sellers are responsible for all the legal documentation and practices associated with the import and export of their products if they ship internationally. 


Do I need to create a store to sell?

No you do not need to create a store in order to sell on ePLantae. If you are just starting out on the platform, a regular account is just fine. A store has more benefits for sellers and eventually you will probably want to open one. You can find out all the benefits from creating a store here.


Do I need to verify my account?

We encourage users to verify accounts for safety purposes. Once you've signed in, we'll send a confirmation email to the email address you've entered; with the help of that email, you can easily verify your account within a few minutes. Verifying your account can result in a number of advantages as a seller and a buyer. We verify your account by collecting some important information from you. 

When will my selling limits be lifted?

Selling limits are imposed to protect the customers from unreliable sellers; after 90 days of getting good feedback from customers and selling reliably, selling limits are lifted without any review requests. 

The package has been delivered but my funds still haven’t been released

PayPal may hold your payments up to 21 days after the payment has been received; this is to verify transactions are completed successfully. To release your funds faster, upload the tracking information to PayPal. Ask the buyer to notify PayPal that they have received the item. You can also reach out to PayPal support and they can manually release the funds for you.

I want to cancel my order

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact the Seller immediately. ePlantae is a third party to all transactions, we cannot cancel the order for you. We ask all Sellers to accept cancellations as long as the package hasn’t been shipped. But we cannot guarantee that Sellers will cancel your order after you have made payments. 


The seller/ I asked to pay by Bank Transfer

We discourage paying by Bank Transfer as there is no protection for Buyers and Sellers. ePlantae only offers PayPal to reduce the possibility of fraud from both Buyers and Sellers. 

As ePlantae is a third party to all transactions, we are not responsible for what happens between Buyers and Sellers. Please report to us any Buyer / Seller trying to use any other forms of payments but the ones currently available on ePlantae.