Business Sellers

If you’re looking to take your plant business online and grow it successfully, ePlantae is one of the leading platforms to grow your business as an individual seller.

Selling as an individual.

If you want to sell your plant care products and sell as an individual seller, you can simply register your account, and after providing your detailed information, you are ready to list your items. 

When you register your account on ePlantae, we’ll confirm your identity and check account details for payout. As an ePlantae seller, you'll receive your payouts in your linked PayPal account, and verifying your information will help you avoid payment delay issues. We'll verify your details when you register for a seller account or if you update any relevant information on your account.

To complete your verification as an individual seller, you need to provide:

Business Seller: Create a Store

As a business seller, you’ll have to register an ePlantae business seller account. With this account, you get a number of advantages as compared to a person selling accounts, such as the option to register with your company name, collecting sales tax on your listing, add terms and conditions to your listing, and much more. You can register your business account easily following the procedure from the business seller registration page.

If you want to sell plants and plant care products more casually, it's a good idea to consider opening an ePlantae store. With the ePlantae store, you can get more advantages compared to business selling. You also save yourself money by offering special discounts and benefits to those who subscribe. Medium to high-volume sellers can save a significant amount on final value and insertion fees by operating a store. Also, ePlantae gives you access to premium tools to manage and promote your business.

Besides good savings, you get amazing advantages to establish your own business. With the ePlantae store, you can display your listings in a single branded location. 

Reason: Create your Brand, visibility; create your business within ePlantae

Creating your business within ePlantae, you will be able to get some major advantages like

Creating your own brand already sounds like a great idea, where you are not limited to creativity; you can run your brand the way you want. ePlantae gives you a tremendous opportunity to create your own brand and start your plant business today without investing much. With a number of benefits, it's a great deal without any drawbacks for the sellers. 

So, whether you are selling your products or offering your service, it depends on how much flavor you add to your brand to enhance it, make it impactful. 

With increased visibility, you can get your brand familiarized by your potential customers/ target audience. ePlantae offers the store owner increased visibility on the website so they can be easily seen by the customers and grab more opportunities to sell easily; in short, ePlantae promotes the store owners to elevate their business and generate more revenue. 

As a store owner, you are free to design a custom store page that will help you attract tones of customers and generate more sales. Attractive and well-designed store pages get more leads compared to standard homepages. So, by creating a store of your own, it opens up ways to be creative with expanding your sales channels, increasing revenue, and developing your brand internationally.

Subscriptions breakdown: Standard, Premium, Platinum, Enterprise, Unlimited

Subscribing to ePlantae gives you unbelievable discounts on fees and free-of-cost listings per month.

Before you open an ePlantae store, you’ll need: 

If you haven’t set up an ePlantae store yet, consider deciding what subscription level you want: 

When you have chosen your package, below is the procedure to open your store:

1. Go to Choose a Store Subscription.

2. Find the ePlantae Store type you’d like to subscribe to and choose Select and review.

3. Select the subscription term (yearly or monthly) and enter a name for your ePlantae Store.

4. Select Submit an order to purchase the ePlantae Store subscription.

For example, if the name of your eBay Store is “Peter plant care,” the URL of the store will be https://www.

When deciding your ePlantae store name, consider the following points: 

Tip for choosing your ePlantae Store name

Choose a store name that tells the buyer about what you sell. 

Subscribing to ePlantae Store

Subscription levels

User benefit


For the entry-level sellers, who want to sell occasionally


For sellers who want lower selling fees


For sellers who want low selling fees and more business tool options


For sellers with large stock who want dedicated support


For professional sellers with large catalogs and high transaction volumes

How to determine which ePLantae subscription works for you the best?

If you sell less than fifty products per month, you probably don't need an ePlantae store subscription. But if your sell more than 50 items per month, you need to organize and manage your inventory on ePlantae. These are general guidelines that will help you determine the best store subscription for your needs.

Good for sellers who have a few products and want a storefront to brand and raise their business.

best for the sellers who want to unlock more zero insertion fee listings, final value fee discounts, and a coupon for ePlantae-branded shipping supplies each quarter.

If you have a comprehensive product assortment, a platinum subscription gives you substantially more zero insertion fee listings.

For high-volume sellers who have an extensive product catalog or are running a business benefit from dedicated customer support

 After you’ve subscribed to the ePlantae store, we'll help you with instructions for:

Choose a design, name your store and add a business logo

Set up custom categories and promote some listings

Make sure everything is up to the mark and before your store is live.